The House I Grew Up In

  The House I Grew Up In
  It is not easy to choose a place that is meaningful for me. In everyone’s life, a lot of steps have different meaning. Someone can be moved by an old song or movie, and someone can have a precious memory simply because of an old book or some letters that they received in their youth. The diary is more precious for someone if she/he wrote it when they were young. For me, I never forget one special place.  This is the house I grew up in.
  Giving a general description of the small town before I talk about my house may be more helpful because you only could see this kind of house in this special town when I was a child. My hometown is a steel factory town and people come from all over the country. The government built the steel factory in the remote area. One reason was that the government thought that the steel factory was important factory in one country and it needed be hidden in the remote in 60’s in China. Another reason was that steel factory was the pollution factory; then it could not be built in the big city. My father and mother had separated for five years after they got married because they lived in different city. They came to this steel factory with my old sister in order to live together. I was born after they came this town.  I lived there before I went to the university.
  Now, let me to describe the house I grew up in.  It has four rooms that line together. There is only one entrance of the main room. We used the main room as the living room. In the living room, there is an entrance in left where can go into my parents’ bedroom. The entrance is in right where can go into my old sister’s bedroom. Through this room, then go into my younger sister and my bedroom. My younger sister and I often played hide-and-seek in these two rooms and we might go through her room while we went to our room. Therefore, my old sister complained that she could not keep her secret. Sometimes we laughed at her and asked her curiously what kind of secret did you want to keep; however, she said to us scornfully that you did not understand even though I told you guys about it. What a pity!  The yard is square and surrounded by the brick wall. The kitchen and bathroom locate the side of the wall, where there is an entrance of the yard. Can you imagine the picture of my house now? You will feel that it is not convenient to service the meal especially in the raining day and taking a bath because the kitchen and bathroom separated from another rooms.
  Most family were not rich in 70’s in China, my family was not rich either. My parents’ payroll was just enough for our normal spending. It almost had not spare money to do some luxury thing. My mother has a good skill on sewing the house stuff. She made a beautiful window curtain and cover of couch. My father made some simple furniture by himself. I still remember that the first bed that my father made it for me. My mother sewed a pink cover for it and it really looked adorably. In my mind, the house is simple and clean, secure and comfortable.
  The house in my hometown has been important for me. I already mentioned that I spent all my childhood and adolescence in my hometown. This period is very important in anyone’s life. Anything that happens during this time leaves strong and deep impressions which carry with us for the rest of our life. I worked and got married after I graduated from university. I also had my own house in Beijing China. I went back my hometown every year. I was excited when I got to the entrance of the yard, and I called my mom loudly like I did when I was a child. Seven years ago, I went to home for The Spring Festival. My parents told me that they bought a new house which is same as the house the most people live in now, and they will move into there after this Spring Festival. I was very happy that my parent could live in the new house which is more convenient for them; however, when I watched the house standing on the yard, I dropt my tears. It reminded a lot of happy things and time which I spent with dear my parents and my two sisters. I recorded it form inside to outside including the yard. I want to keep it in my mind forever.
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