How to Write Better


No book can provide an easy formula a person can follow to become a good writer. Good writing is difficult; it is a labor of love. Most good writers say writing is the hardest thing they do. Some good writers hate to write because it is so difficult. Fortunately, the rewards make it worthwhile. Still, words do not just fall upon a piece of paper in their clearest and most logical sequence. The writer must arrange them that way. The writer must be able to take two positions at the same time-that of the reporter of the event and that of the reader or listener of the report Ultimately the reader or listener must be satisfied. Good writing makes reading effortless. Reader-focused writing is the best. For the broadcast journalist, good writing is good talking, and the result is good listening.

Good writing is clear, concise and interesting. Some journalists add accurate to that list; fiction writers would probably substitute believable for accurate. Clear writing demands a clear mind. Think before you write. Organize in your mind what you want to say. That doesn't mean a word-by-word organization. It means you should be sure of the direction you want your story to go, and it means you must be the driver at all times. If you become a back-scat driver, your direction will suffer.

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